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Requirement Gathering.

Firstly, requirement elicitation is the process level of collection of the top-level requirements from all the stakeholders. Secondly, requirement documentation includes organizing the data input gather from the requirement elicitation process in a more readable format, and thirdly, the requirement confirmation process is the confirmation that all the stakeholders are on the same page.

  • Requirement elicitation,
  • Requirement Documentation
  • Requirement confirmation.

consult with team .

After the requirement gathering process, the project manager arranges a meeting with the concerned team and designs a roadmap from start to end of the project. Anyhow, if any confusion is left or any new suggestions need to be discussed again with the stakeholder, then our management team arrange another meeting with clients.

  • Documentation of the Requirements
  • Give client technical consultancy
  • Analyzing the complete intent of the system

Selection of Stack.

When requirements and functionalities get locked, our teams of researchers and designers focus on the types of consumers of the solution and then design the UI accordingly. Similarly, the developer's team selects the most suitable technology stack and starts the development process.

  • UI/UX design and research
  • Analyzing the consumer requirements
  • Selecting the technology stack

Deployment .

Deployment totally depends on the type of project. In case, it is a large-scale enterprise solution then the whole product gets divided into smaller modules. Our dedicated development teams efficiently complete each module on time and deploy the working product in very early stages and the whole process gets repeated for the next module.

  • Dividing the complete system into modules
  • Removing the potential errors in the deployed module
  • Deployment of the working product in a very early stage

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